This is a place where new and exciting ideas are created, explored and experienced. 

This is a place for immersive theatre, unconventional theatre, dining experiences, street games, board games and everything else in between. 

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The COLAB Factory is the accumulation of the UK's most forward thinking immersive theatre makers.

Together we will strive to create the first ever home for Immersive Theatre. Using the ethos of COLAB, we will endeavour to make the best immersive theatre possible. We want to transport audiences into completely different worlds. We want the COLAB Factory to be a wondrous place that's full of many different experiences. 

We already create new and exciting theatre but with this venue we can continue to create innovative work and be able to call the premises the first home of Immersive Theatre.

Together we will create the first theatre devoted to the immersive experience. A venue that has a place on the map. 




Clues in the title... A collection of Great immersive work from the renowned and the underdogs - both there to blow some socks off


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26/02/2018 - 15/04/2018

Whisper The Password

Pick A Secret Wartime Role

Unravel Your Character’s Identity

Enjoy Some Hard Won Beverages


Share a password with our agent to break into our 1940s Military Bar and choose your secret wartime role. Then delve into our underground bunker and uncover your character’s identity whilst unravelling the history of some of the most fantastic, unsung heroes of WW2 over a free drink. Do well and we’ll treat you to sabrage from our Prosecco Bar, fail to reach the mark and you’ll still be peeling spuds as our agents jump into France…

Pick between real, diversity-focused characters from history and uncover your individual story through the night. All served with distinction during the war and will be revealed to you, clue by clue, whilst navigating our underground storytelling maze by our troop of immersive actors.

They’ll test your teamwork, engage you in intimate, one on one performances and run you through a series of puzzles to see if you possess the skills and nerve to deliver 1940s Europe from the dark grip of occupation.

Themed 1940s Military Bar - Underground Storytellling Maze - Free Drink Whilst Journeying - Win a Sabraged Bottle at the Prosecco Bar - Specialist Drinks Menu

Maximum group: 6 - Minimum group: 2


26/02/2018 - 18/03/2018

18:45, 19:30, 19:55, 20:20, 20:45, 21:10


Tickets: £22.50 - £27.50


For King & CountryLandscape.jpg

It's December 1940 and a Nazi invasion force has landed on the south coast of England. 

Operation Sealion is in full swing. For several weeks the invaders have been building up their forces on the coast, while the mighty Luftwaffe have pounded the RAF into submission. As the invasion force prepares to strike north and capture London, King Edward VIII refuses the resignation of British Prime Minister Lord Halifax, triggering a constitutional crisis.

Parliament is recalled, and with all the members of both houses meeting in Westminster, a small group of backbench MPs and their families - designated survivors - are taken to a secure location south of the river Thames. They are completely unaware of the imminent events that will thrust them into the limelight, and put the fate of the nation in their hands.


You are among those designated survivors. Your decisions will shape the course of history. Can you save the British people from Hitler and his Third Reich, or will the war be over by Christmas?


08/04/2018 - 10/06/2018


120 minutes

Tickets: From £24.00

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01/06/2017 - 30/04/2018

"The honour would be entirely mine if you would attend my little party."
It’s the roaring twenties – an era of bootleg liquor, red hot jazz and hedonistic pleasures. Jay Gatsby has invited you to one of his infamous parties and that's not an invite you want to turn down.

Step into a heart-racing immersive adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal jazz-age novel which puts you in the heart of the action. Slip on your dancing shoes and watch the story unfold around you in this unique theatrical performance. The cocktails are flowing, the music is playing, the party is in full swing and there's the chance of more than a little scandal.
Immerse yourself in one of the greatest stories of the 20th Century.


01/06/2017 - 30/04/2018


120 minutes

Tickets: £29.50