This is a place where new and exciting ideas are created, explored and experienced. 

This is a place for immersive theatre, unconventional theatre, dining experiences, street games, board games and everything else in between. 

If you enjoy the unusual and unexpected, you have come to right place





The COLAB Factory is the accumulation of the UK's most forward thinking immersive theatre makers.

Together we will strive to create the first ever home for Immersive Theatre. Using the ethos of COLAB, we will endeavour to make the best immersive theatre possible. We want to transport audiences into completely different worlds. We want the COLAB Factory to be a wondrous place that's full of many different experiences. 

We already create new and exciting theatre but with this venue we can continue to create innovative work and be able to call the premises the first home of Immersive Theatre.

Together we will create the first theatre devoted to the immersive experience. A venue that has a place on the map. 


We're having a rave at the warehouse! 


Don your best and join us for a boogie. 

It's to celebrate Montagues and Capulets, our latest show set in the 90s and all about shouting the shit out of your rival family. So come down, have a boogie and challenge your rivals in some classic games. 

There'll be mashups all evening with classic 90s bangers. 
(and of course there will be spice girls...lots of spice girls) 

It's free if you come to see Montagues and Capulets:
or £5 on the door. Please arrive around 10pm if you're not watching the show or 9pm if you are seeing the show. 

We'll go into the early hours and get messy. 

Cannot wait! 





Clues in the title... A collection of Great immersive work from the renowned and the underdogs - both there to blow some socks off


A new society is coming; plagued by the suspicion of strangers, a system has evolved to meet the demands of an angry and fearful population. Incoming/Exodus is an interactive, immersive experience which challenges attitudes towards immigration, with your voice centre stage. 


You have been called upon to undertake a new form of civic duty, becoming immigration officers on behalf of a crumbling Government. Working collaboratively with your team, you must complete your assignment to make or break the new order.


In a world where humans have been turned into numbers, and the numbers are warped by those in power - will you break the system?


Incoming/Exodus is created by The Lab Collective who specialise in creating interactive and immersive theatre, creating live performance which transcends traditional forms to produce visceral experiences for the audience.  Treading the line between theatre, installation and live art, we empower the audience to collaborate in our work. 

Dates 26/04- 29/04

19:00, 20:00, 21:00

45 - 60 Minutes

Tickets: £12, £10 Concession

Created and Written by: The Lab Collective


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10th May - 13th May 

Curious Flamingo Present Egyptian Extravaganza

What happens when you disturb the tomb of a notorious pharaoh? The world goes totally Tut mad!

Travel back in time to 1920s Egypt where King Tut engages archaeologists in a battle of wit and witticisms over what is the 'real' Egypt. 

Join us for a night of new old fashioned intrigue and entertainment, come as you are or dress up to the nines in your best egyptian finery but do hold onto your jewellery--you never know what might lurk in the shadows...

All will be revealed in Egyptian Extravaganza, a comical and thought provoking performance set in the basement of a warehouse. Where roaming characters invite you to explore the impact the discovery of a lifetime had on everything from fashion and film to music and dance in the West.

FANCY DRESS! - Your finest 1920s attire...

Strictly 18+

Dates 10/05 - 13/05


60 Minutes

Tickets: £10/8 Concessions

Producer: Curious Flamingo Productions

Director: Rosalind Othen

Designer: Katie Melton

On 13th May 2017 there will be an after party within the space until the early hours. Egyptian style music until the early hours. If you have attended the show at any time, it is free or £5 on the door.